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The Power of Prayer

20121222-121239.jpgBefore a couple weeks ago, it had been a long time since I’d posted on here. Well… besides the occasional picture post. But otherwise, nothing. I just never had anything to say; there wasn’t anything that I felt was important enough to post about. It’s not that there wasn’t anything happening in my life – quite the contrary. Just, what was happening wasn’t good for the blog – or me.

“Two steps forward, and three steps back” is how I’d describe my life over the past couple months. No… years, actually. At first it was in little things; things that most Christians are fine with. As I became more comfortable with those I’d take more steps backwards, camouflaged by the steps forward. And so the pattern continued.

Family and close friends are wonderful – they never let you go down without a fight. Their fight over me was fought on their knees, in prayer. Sure, some shared their thoughts with me; they let me know what they thought about the path I was headed down; they even told me that they, and some of their (and my) closest friends were praying for me. But I still didn’t have a clue about how many people were actually praying.

The changes were small at first. Really just changes to moral issues I had. But as I tried to “clean up” my life by myself, the Lord taught me that on my own I can only a fail – that the only way to have true victory over my life and my sin is through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

I’m very thankful for friends and family who care enough and love me enough to pray. I’ll never underestimate the power of the prayers of the righteous.

Our Response to the Gift of the Spirit

How we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit will determine the course of our life. Our response to the Spirit’s work in our life is the reason we see Him working in power, or the reason we’re frustrated in our walk with Christ. It’s the determining factor in whether we’ll experience the blessing of the Lord or His discipline.

The Holy Spirit desires full and complete control of our lives. Every ounce of our being must be fully surrendered to Him, so He can fully do the Father’s will through us. The smallest part of our life not yielded to Him may derail His work to accomplish the Father’s will. This may be why the Bible employs such terms as being “filled with the Holy Spirit,” and “baptism [meaning total immersion] of the Holy Spirit” to impress upon us how He must have complete control of our lives.

When we fully realize that God, through His Spirit, is actively at work in our lives, we ought to respond with a holy awe. There ought to come over us a trembling that we might upset the Holy Spirit. Paul said, “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure” (Philippians 2:12-13).

Henry Blackaby – What’s So Spiritual About Your Gifts?, “Our Response to the Gift” p.59-60

Old Pics of Spirit

I finally got around to developing a roll of film I started a couple months ago. These are some old pics of Spirit from during early spring.





For around 5 years, the “grass menagerie” (as Dad puts it – referring to the animals in our pasture) consisted of Oakey and the three goats. Last fall we added a sheep, and during the early part of winter we got a cow. Well, the herd has been added to yet again – Sprit, a miniature pony!