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24 Hours of My Life

8:30 PM – Started logging 24 hours of my life due to a topic prompt on words.bighugelabs.com. I haven’t posted much of anything on my blog, so this is my lame attempt at coming up with content. Maybe it’ll turn out to be kinda fun, though!

9:00 PM – Played a couple Bach Cello Suites, and Vivaldi Cello Sonata in A Minor. It’s been a little while since I’ve played… I visited a different church last Sunday so I didn’t play for church, and I’ve been super busy at work all week so I didn’t have too much extra time in the day when I wasn’t totally exhausted.

9:40 PM – Went to bed after a dessert of Strawberry Shortcake with vanilla and Rocky Road ice cream. I’m tuckered out from the day – it was good though, ’cause I finally got my car fixed!

8:30 AM – Woken up by Chad for breakfast. They fixed scones, grits, and scrambled eggs – delicious! Had some weird dreams last night – don’t remember any of them, except that they all involved me hiding from bad guys.

10:30 AM – Went to church at the Yess’ house. Garth talked more from Ephesians 6 about being imitators of Christ, and what that entails. Afterwards we shared a meal and visited.

2:45 PM – Went to Wildlife Prairie State Park. Showed the folks all the work I’ve done there over the past year – Silver Fox pen, bear pen, various roofs and odd jobs, and the two current projects (rebuilding a pavilion and building a butterfly pen). We got ice cream and supper at Culver’s after.

6:45 PM – Went out and rode Oakey with my cousin Kiersti. It was kinda overcast this morning, but cleared up and was a gorgeous evening for riding. We gave Oakey a much needed grooming – Spirit was too skittish to get near enough to be brushed.

8:30 PM – Had some milk and cookies while I posted this.


Faith and Integrity

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Repost – The Strongest Trees

I just got my annual blog report this morning. My post from 2011, “The Strongest Trees”, was the most popular post of 2012. I reread it, and decided that it’s worth a repost.

The weakest trees grow by themselves. The strongest trees grow in the forest. The weakest trees will bow and break when strong winds blow. The strongest trees, because they are surrounded by other trees, will be able to stand strong winds.

Today my boss, Fedi Davidovics, talked to me a little bit about my life as a Christian. He stated that we have two enemies – the physical, and the spiritual. If I, as a Christian, try to fight the spiritual battle alone, when the worst assaults come I won’t be able to stand as strong as if I have surrounded myself with a host of other Christians.

The weakest Christians stand by themselves. The strongest Christians stand with other Christians. The weakest Christians will bow and break when strong winds blow. The strongest Christians, because they are surrounded by other Christians, will be able to stand strong winds.