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Carved Horse

I started with a block of wood before breakfast, and finished with this completed horse head after supper.



Get Your “Will” On

The other day my Boss misquoted the adage, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” – instead saying “Where there’s a way, there’s a will.” I chuckled to myself, but then began thinking; why does there have to be a will present for a person to complete a difficult (maybe seemingly impossible) task?

Over the past week I’ve been working on stripping 6+ layers of paint off of an intricately designed doorframe. I’ve been told by several people that there’s no way I could get every last bit of paint off. I’ve been told to just get as much off as I could, and leave the rest. But my Boss hasn’t told me to stop yet, so I haven’t.

In this case, I know that there’s a way to get all the paint off the doorframe (since Fedi says so), so I’ve decided that I’ll keep stripping paint until it’s all gone. This is a perfect example of “where there’s a way, there’s a will” because if it weren’t for Fedi’s confidence that I can get every last bit of paint off, I wouldn’t have the drive to keep trying. But because I know there’s a way, I have the will to finish.

I Like Painting!

Three weeks ago you wouldn’t have caught me dead, saying that I liked painting (well… I guess if I were dead, I wouldn’t be saying that anyway). But still, I’ve never been very fond of painting. However, after doing it for over 5 weeks straight I’ve begun to enjoy – that’s right – painting.

I started off my painting adventures asking myself a bunch of questions – Do I like this job? No. Should I keep it? I don’t know. Do I really want to do this for several months, years, or my whole life? NO! But, gradually, the answers to those questions (or, most of them, anyway) began to change. I went from not liking my job at all, to kinda liking it. I went from wanting to quit my job, to looking forward to doing better at it the next day. I went from looking forward to four-o-clock like it were the end of a torture session, to enjoying the work I was doing.

I wouldn’t say that I’d rather be painting than playing cello, doing parkour, or riding Oakey – but I have come to appreciate it. And that process of coming to appreciate it was because of a mindset; I chose to learn to enjoy the work I must do.