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O Come, O Come Emmanuel

This is an arrangement for three cellos of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” that I worked up this morning. All three parts were played by Yours Truly.


Arrangement for solo Cello – “Granny”

I just finished arranging this for my Great-Granny who’ll be 102 on October 23! It’s a compilation of “How Great Thou Art”, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”, “Brother, Can You Spare Me a Dime?”, and “Southern Railroad”.

Am I Scared?

Yes. But not of the dark, spiders, heights, or anything like that. I’m scared of launching out into the hostile world of business and failing. Are my marketing skills really good enough to bring in business? Should I really turn my passion of music into a career? Is it actually smart for me to leave (or at least only work part-time on) a job with a guaranteed paycheck in order to pursue freelancing?

The Joke – Haydn

This is the performance of “The Joke” by my string quartet at Sforzando String Camp. Video by Tim Hammond.