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24 Hours of My Life

8:30 PM – Started logging 24 hours of my life due to a topic prompt on words.bighugelabs.com. I haven’t posted much of anything on my blog, so this is my lame attempt at coming up with content. Maybe it’ll turn out to be kinda fun, though!

9:00 PM – Played a couple Bach Cello Suites, and Vivaldi Cello Sonata in A Minor. It’s been a little while since I’ve played… I visited a different church last Sunday so I didn’t play for church, and I’ve been super busy at work all week so I didn’t have too much extra time in the day when I wasn’t totally exhausted.

9:40 PM – Went to bed after a dessert of Strawberry Shortcake with vanilla and Rocky Road ice cream. I’m tuckered out from the day – it was good though, ’cause I finally got my car fixed!

8:30 AM – Woken up by Chad for breakfast. They fixed scones, grits, and scrambled eggs – delicious! Had some weird dreams last night – don’t remember any of them, except that they all involved me hiding from bad guys.

10:30 AM – Went to church at the Yess’ house. Garth talked more from Ephesians 6 about being imitators of Christ, and what that entails. Afterwards we shared a meal and visited.

2:45 PM – Went to Wildlife Prairie State Park. Showed the folks all the work I’ve done there over the past year – Silver Fox pen, bear pen, various roofs and odd jobs, and the two current projects (rebuilding a pavilion and building a butterfly pen). We got ice cream and supper at Culver’s after.

6:45 PM – Went out and rode Oakey with my cousin Kiersti. It was kinda overcast this morning, but cleared up and was a gorgeous evening for riding. We gave Oakey a much needed grooming – Spirit was too skittish to get near enough to be brushed.

8:30 PM – Had some milk and cookies while I posted this.


Wild Horses – A Survival Story Part 3

Read part two.

When I woke up the next morning the sun was just peaking over the mountains on the horizon. It was fairly chilly – enough to make me wish I had some matches to make a fire with. I pulled my jacket tighter around my chest to warm up. I knew that if I wouldn’t be able to get out of this back-country within the month, I’d have have to do something about building an enclosed shelter before Autumn changed to Winter.

After climbing out of my trench I walked to the spring where I took a long draught. After being refreshed by the water, I decided to take a look around to see what I could find for food – mint was good, but it alone wouldn’t be enough to keep me alive. I packed all my possessions into my backpack (my captors had been kind enough to leave me with a pocket knife, water bottle, and bandana when they dropped me off) and set out.

As I walked, I subconsciously was watching for the herd of horses. They were fascinating and frightening to me all at the same time; I desperately wanted to see them again, but at the same time I was terrified of running into them.