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Updating Life

I just decided to swap a relatively new iMac for an ancient iBook with Chad. To most people this would look like a downgrade, but I prefer to view it as an upgrade – not in my computer hardware, but in my life.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my priorities in life. I started a major life reboot by deleting all my computer games (and my copy of windows, from which I ran some of them), getting rid of a couple social networking accounts (including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr), and most recently “upgrading” to a slower computer. The reason behind these rather extreme actions lies in one simple truth – it’s very hard to keep your eyes on (much less get to) the finish line when you’re constantly giving your attention to the distractions along the way. For me, the majority of those distractions were technology related.

So from now on I’ll be mostly living my life away from the computer. I’ll still do email, blogging, a little photography keeping up on CMForums.org), and chatting – but it won’t be my life anymore. From now on my life will be made of real-life relationships, good manual labor (and developing a reputable work ethic), and enjoying God’s creation. From now on, I have an updated life.



After having Facebook for just over a year, I deactivated my account. Why? I don’t really know. It’s just… one day I decided to deactivate (even though I loved Facebook), so I did. Now that I don’t have facebook, I don’t miss it one bit, and I can see that it’s actually quite dangerous – not just when it comes to internet privacy, but also when it comes to user addiction.

I don’t think Facebook is a sin, though. There are lots of opportunities when it comes to social interaction, networking, and marketing! For me, though, it just wasn’t healthy.