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Wild Horses – A Survival Story Part 5

Read part four.

My brain felt like an old TV – one that can’t quite get a signal and only shows grey fuzz. I tried to open my eyes, but my eye lids were very heavy. I felt like I was floating… no, I was falling. The wind whipped my clothes around my body, and I could feel the sleeves tightening around my wrists. I turned around and looked down – ground. I jolted to a stop, slamming into the hard dirt. Instantly I was surrounded by a herd of wild, frantic horses. They were pawing and rearing, their over-sized hooves coming uncomfortably close to my body.

I tried to stand up and run, but was kicked back to the ground. I could hardly breath. I gasped for air and flailed my arms around, hitting whatever I could. I tried standing again, and managed to get away from the herd; but only to run straight into the face of the stallion. He reared up, pawing the air, then lunged…


Praise the LORD for His Protection!

Today on the job I came within a hair of having my back messed up pretty bad. We were working on a deck tear-out project, and I was working on cleaning up some loose lumber while two other guys sawed out an 8×8 floor support. When the 8×8 came loose, it fell down right behind me – I mean, right behind me. In the words of one of my co-workers, “If you had a business card on your back, that would’ve taken it right off!”