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Forty Signs of Life

I just finished reading Signs of Life by David Jeremiah. What an amazing book! The book was designed to be read a chapter a day, for forty days of new challenges. It’s definitely high on my recommendations list.

The last chapter of the book is simply a list of the forty signs of life talked about in each chapter. Even though it had been months since I read the first chapters (yeah… I didn’t quite get through the book 40 days), they were still challenging and encouraging to read. They are:

1. My words and actions evidence Christ’s indwelling.
2. My faith is expressed through works.
3. I am a source of light in a dark world.
4. Every moment of my life is a living moment with God.
5. I am conscious of influencing those around me.
6. Those who witness my life see Jesus.
7. The imprint of my Christian life will remain for eternity.
8. I am willing to get my feet dusty in the streets of my community.
9. My walk supports my Christian talk.
10. Opportunities to share Christ are divine appointments.
11. The most important thing to say is “Jesus loves you.”
12. The needs of others are as important as my own.
13. I am a walking, living advertisement for the Lord.
14. Every day I create incriminating evidence to prove that I am a follower of Christ.
15. Hearing the Lord’s direction begins with prayer.
16. I am open and listening for God’s direction.
17. Unconditional surrender to God brings me spiritual victory.
18. My love for God is greater than my affection for anything in this desirable but deadly world.
19. My life is not plagued by worry because I am held tightly in God’s hands.
20. I am willing to be pliable in the hands of God.
21. I participate in personal ministry that impacts my community.
22. The world sees the heart of God through the work of my hands.
23. The major theme of my life is love.
24. My behavior reflects the teaching of Jesus.
25. Those two come in contact with me leave encouraged.
26. I courageously walk though the open doors God puts before me.
27. My life makes waves in the hearts of those around me.
28. Humility is the hallmark of my service.
29. I look for ways to generously give to others.
30. I give to others because God has given richly to me.
31. Nothing stands in my way of following Jesus.
32. God is free to use any area of my life to do his will.
33. I am a faithful steward of all God has given me.
34. I take time each day to mine God’s word.
35. There is always more I can do for God’s kingdom.
36. Compassion is my passion.
37. I care… regardless.
38. Others will know I am a Christian by my love.
39. My love for others is not conditional on their meeting my standards.
40. I am a channel of God’s grace to others.


Read Five Books

I read a quote on Copy Blogger this past week that says if you read five books on any given topic, you become an expert on that topic. In a post by Hunter Nuttal, if you read about a topic for one hour everyday, in ten years you’ll be a national expert. In five years, you’ll be an international expert.

So, go out and read some books!