Pics of Spirit

Here are a couple pics of Spirit I took this morning.







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About tylerstembridge

I reside with my wife in midstate Illinois, just up the road from downtown Peoria. I spend most of my time working for the Hungarian Handyman, but I also love studying history (predominately American history from 1770-1870), cycling, and drinking good coffee.

5 responses to “Pics of Spirit”

  1. brother1sister1 says :

    He is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. emieviolincello says :

    We’re going to be getting a horse pretty soon……actually, maybe two! 🙂

    • TylerGS says :

      Super fun! Are guys planning on getting full-sized horses, or minis? (minis are more fun, in my oppinoin. Though… you can’t really ride them, I guess.)

      • emieviolincello says :

        Full sized. My sisters (Sophie and Chloe) would like to get a Halflinger but are open to other breeds. A lady that we know (horse expert) is on the lookout for us. 🙂

        You really need to learn how to spell………….OPINION………. 😛 (lol!)

  3. TylerGS says :

    Fun, fun! Looks ike your new place’ll be really nice for horses, too!

    Yeah… I think I’ve become too reliant on spell check.

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