Proverbs 31 – Woman and Man

The Proverbs 31 Woman
• Far above rubies.
• Does good for her husband.
• Works willingly with her hands.
• Cares for her household.
• Only buys what is good.
• Knows how to work.
Is wisdom.
• Is not idle.
• Fears the Lord.

The Proverbs 31 Man
• Doesn’t give his strength to women.
• Doesn’t drink strong drink.
• Pleads for and helps the poor and needy.
• Trusts in his wife.
• Learns from the elders (gets wisdom).
• Praises his wife.


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I reside with my wife in midstate Illinois, just up the road from downtown Peoria. I spend most of my time working for the Hungarian Handyman, but I also love studying history (predominately American history from 1770-1870), cycling, and drinking good coffee.

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